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Hello and welcome to I'm Bob Lee. I designed this website to give my clients a quick education on the mortgage process. There are literally millions of pages of mortgage information that are posted on the internet. The problem with too much information is that 99% of it does not pertain to you.

My job as a mortgage originator is to focus in on you. Your questions, Your needs, Your time-frame and Your concerns about the purchase or refinance of your home. We start every mortgage application with a credit report. Once I know what kind of credit you have we can piece the rest of the mortgage puzzle together.

For 20 years I have had the pleasure of helping thousands of clients find the best mortgage program for them. I am confident I can help you as well. Start asking about your mortgage today! I look forward to working with you.

Click Here to ask Bob Lee a question or call me at 215-343-6700.
 Types of Mortgages
- Fixed Rate Mortgages
- Mortgages That Change
- Adjustable Rate Mortgages
- An Option For Older Homeowners
- FHA/VA Mortgages
- Creative Financing or Seller-Assisted Mortgages
 Tax Advice
- How to claim mortgage interest deductions
- Reporting the sale of real estate in Schedule D
- Deducting mortgage points at tax time
- How refinancing affects your taxes
- Deducting Taxes You Already Paid
- Forgotten Tax Deductions
- Divorce and Your Home
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- Simple Loan Calculator
- Refinance Calculator
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